Bahareh Esfahbod | بهاره اسفهبد

My name is Bahareh [bæ h'ɑː rɛ], that's a Persian name meaning akin to Spring. I'm originally from Iran, and have been living in Saskatoon since October 2010. Since Fall 2012, I'm a grad student at Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan.

Combinatorics and graph theory have been my passion for years. Nowadays, I am working on graph visualization algorithms, as a researcher under the supervision of Prof. Mark Keil.

The subject of my master's thesis in math (in Persian) was algorithms related to an specific kind of objects in Design Theory called “Trades”, which I did under the supervision of Prof. G.B. Khosrovshahi.

Find the rest on my academic life on my résumé.


I deeply enjoy teaching math and related topics, in which I have many years of experience. I also enjoy scientific proofreading, which I used to do for a living.

In our spare time, my husband, Mehdi, and I love to cook or hit the roads. Photography is another activity we both enjoy a lot.

Some of my friends find my YouTube channels amusing—not all of them are public, though.

In case you are interested in open source software and localization, you can find interesting stuff on homepages of my brothers: Behdad and Behnam.


Either email me at bahareh [at] esfahbod [dot] info, or contact me through online social services: Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Couchsurfing.